About Me

Photographer living in Odessa, Ukraine. I specialize in seascape, landscape and fine art photography. Prefer to create minimalistic images. The composition is built so that only the necessary elements are in the frame and nothing superfluous that can prevent the viewer to perceive the visual image. Also chosen the appropriate weather, light.

Most of my photos related to the sea. During walks near the sea I see the various objects that form the visual minimalistic images, abstracted from the reality of everyday life. When shooting seascapes I often use long exposures. Long exposure smooths the water and the sky and the viewer can focus on the main subject, without being distracted by secondary elements.

Also I like to spend time in desolate places, away from urban civilization and where you can be alone with nature.

This world, minimalistic and desolate, I try to convey in my photos.


«Most of his paintings are monochromatic and show long-term exposure. But this on its own does not create  the above mentioned fascination, rather it is this in perfect combination with the motif selection and the picture detail that produces these wonderful pictures. The world depicted here is minimalistic, nothing distracts or interferes; this results in a perfect reduction to the essentials. And in this phase, Aleksandr reached a point where his pictures seem like an oasis of calm, offering the viewer a retreat away from the hectic hustle and bustle and the stress of everyday life.» /E-journal "Phictures"/


My latest project ‘Coastal Geometry’ is a series of color images of various constructions on the sea coast. They are united by forms, lines, geometry, symmetry. Is selected a certain camera angle, certain elements of these constructions in order to achieve the necessary result.